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The Core of our program is our dedicated Christian teachers, small class sizes and a challenging, Christ-centered curriculum. We provide a safe and nurturing environment. Our enrichment classes, such as art, music, computer lab, sports and foreign language offer a well-rounded educational experience. We also offer a special education component for students with learning disabilities.

Annual standardized testing consistently shows our average performance exceeding three-fourths of the students in the United States. Our students especially excel in Mathematics and Reading.

Our Teachers & Staff

ICS believes that character should be taught in school and modeled by the staff. Our Elementary and Jr. high teachers have obtained their Bachelors degrees and are credentialed. A majority have also earned their Masters degree in Education with the average tenure of 12+ years with ICS.

Meet Our Teachers & Staff

Our Parents

We have an active Parent- Teacher organization that supports the ministry of our school. There are many opportunities to get involved. We have parents who help coach, drive, teach, supervise, give, serve, advise and pray for our school.

Our Program

Independence Christian School is really four schools that flow from one stage of development to another. We offer Preschool, Primary (Grades K-3), Intermediate (Grades 4-6) and Middle School (Grades 7-8).

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been developed over the last 44 years. As such, our curriculum has exceeded state standards. ICS uses Christian publishers to provide textbooks that educate from a Christian worldview while challenging our students academically.

The academic programs at ICS are designed to challenge students to reach their God-given potential in all subject areas.

In our younger classes, students are taught from a hands on, developmentally appropriate curriculum and instructional strategies. These strategies include an emphasis on basics while allowing children to explore learning through all five of their senses. As the students grow and mature, they are challenged to think critically about the subjects with an emphasis on practical application rather than just rote memorization.

The end result of the academic process at ICS is to develop students who can think critically and biblically about the world around them allowing them to make informed decisions that will honor the Lord.

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