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Independence Christian School is a dynamic learning community where the encouragement of individual interest and the achievement of academic excellence integrate. We educate according to Christian principles to nurture students in both their hearts and minds. Our teachers and staff are passionate about education and create a contagious and rich curiosity for academic learning and spiritual growth. Our academic programs are designed to challenge students to reach their God-given potential in all subjects and areas from a Biblical integrated platform.

Academic Success

ICS is focused on ensuring that our students are challenged academically, as well as spiritually. That means paying special attention to our student’s test scores. Our annual standardized testing consistently shows that our students test scores exceed three-fourths of the students in the United States. We are proud that our students are well above the national averages in reading and mathematics.

Athletic & Performing Arts Programs

Our Athletics Department is thriving with team sports that allow students to play against other Christian schools in the Orange County area.  Sports include basketball, soccer, volleyball and flag football.  Our students also gain access to CAPA (Cornerstone Academy of Performing Arts)–OC’s only Christian focused Performing Arts Program, in which students can participate in Band, Orchestra, Dance & Choir.

Christ-Centered Curriculum

The world today is a challenging place.  Children deserve to hear of the life-changing power and love of Jesus Christ.  It forms the foundation of how they will navigate life’s expectations.  Children at ICS become independent thinkers and leaders who understand that good choices are pleasing to the Lord.

Dedicated Educators

The core of our program is our dedicated Christian teachers who see educating children with a Biblical worldview is essential to their futures. Most of our teachers have Masters Degrees in Education and an average tenure with ICS of over 12 years.  They provide a safe and nurturing environment that allows each child to thrive.

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